3. We need more secular curriculum writers. Supporting those authors by purchasing many copies of their work will encourage them to write more, write often. Our secondary goal is to help secular curricula writers get their name and product out there to as many homeschooling families as we can.

The United States needs more thinkers. We need more kids studying logic, critical thinking, maths, and sciences. We need more children asking questions and learning about history and current events. We don’t need more curricula that glosses over science and history in favor of mythology, public relations, or ego. Building this library will get the materials needed into the hands of the families who want it. By helping this project, you’ll be giving a hands up to tomorrow’s thinkers.

We’re asking like-minded parents for help in this project. As you can imagine, there are plenty of people who support this but are uncomfortable with sharing the message. Non-religious attitudes in the country can lead to bullying. We’re asking those with the loudest voices, the ones who are comfortable with sharing knowledge, the people who are strong enough to support those who cannot speak for themselves to share this project on their blogs, their Facebook profiles, their Twitter feeds.

Contact KellyAnne Kitchin or Jenn Gauthier at humanisthomeschoolers@gmail.com for more information.



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