Events for Parents & Children

The Parenting Beyond Belief Workshops

with Dale McGowan

Over nine million parents in the U.S. are raising children without theistic religion. The PARENTING BEYOND BELIEF WORKSHOP, a unique half-day event with author and educator Dale McGowan, offers encouragement and practical solutions for secular parenting in a religious world.

Based on the freethinking philosophy of the book Newsweek called "a compelling read," the PARENTING BEYOND BELIEF WORKSHOP is empowering secular parents across the country to raise ethical, caring, confident kids without religion.

Participants will learn effective ways to:

  • Encourage religious literacy without indoctrination;
  • Help kids interact productively with a religious world;
  • Help kids develop active moral reasoning;
  • Weigh church-state issues in the public sphere;
  • Address sensitive issues with religious relatives using the principles of nonviolent communication;
  • Help children develop a healthy understanding of death and a joyful love of life;
  • Build a family atmosphere of fearless questioning and boundless wonder;

...and much more.

Workshops are hosted by local groups, including Ethical Societies, freethought groups, UU fellowships, and parent meetups. For information on bringing the PBB Workshop to your location, contact events agent Duncan Crary.

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    Ian (Monday, 11 June 2012 21:47)

    Anyone in the greater Vancouver, Canada area should check out the Secular Parenting kick off BBQ being hosted by the BC Humniasts this weekend.
    Here's the Facebook event:
    And more about the BC Humanists for future secular parenting events: